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Prices increase every year around June for cost of living and market adjustments.

Haircut Services

Women’s Haircuts

A standard women's haircut is a full service experience. I start with a consultation, provide honest advice about what would work best for you, and then match products and cutting techniques to your specific situation. This service includes: wash, cut, and professional styling.

Men's Haircuts

I once managed several locations of a popular sports themed men's haircut franchise for several years. I was certified in their systems, and had thousands of clients in my chair. So I know my way around fades, clipper work, and other men's hair cutting techniques. This service includes: wash, cut, and professional styling.

Advanced Haircuts

If you want something even more custom, ask me about advanced haircuts. I've done plenty of pixie cuts, smooth bobs, asymmetric shags, undercut shaves, and more. This service includes: wash, cut, and professional styling.

Hair Color Services

Hair Color

I approach hair color a little different than most. During consultation we'll figure out what look you prefer and I'll formulate a custom color that is perfect for your specific hair. This service includes: wash and professional styling.


I use a range of techniques for highlights depending on what each situations demands. If you're on a budget, I also offer partial highlights and babylights as well. This service includes: wash and professional styling.


Sometimes (or some seasons) you may just want to add some extra dimension to your current hair color. A lowlight adds darker or alternate color contrast to the roots, adds dimension to your main hair color. This service includes: wash and professional styling.


My Balayage service is popular because of the smooth transitions and natural look that results. They are more time consuming (and require more skill) because the hair is hand painted with lightener. This service includes: wash and professional styling.

Hair Texture Services

Perms & Waves

If you're looking for more curly volume, or a beach wave, a perm might be the perfect answer. I have experience with all different hair types, so I can explain what you should expect, how long it will last, and how to take care of it between visits. This service includes: wash and professional styling.

Keratin Straightening

I offer several levels of Keratin Straightening services. I've been certified in several systems, and I've changed over the years as better products became available. I use products that have no formaldehyde or harsh chemicals. The full service lasts as long as 3-5 months on most clients (depending on hair type and after care). This service includes: wash and professional styling.

Other Services

Weddings & Special Occasions
I have done many weddings and will even go on-site if paid for travel and expenses. I'm very familiar with the time management skills required for special events as well and the need to be agile if things change at the last minute.

Styling and Blowouts
Have a date night coming up, or just want to pamper your hair? One of my styling or blow out services will have you looking and feeling great!

Hair Emergencies

I've seen a lot of hair disasters in my career and I have experience correcting all sorts of problems. During consultation, I'll review the situation, give you some ideas, and I'll be honest about what to expect before I start. However, because of the processes and time involved, hair corrections can be expensive.

Cancellation Policy

If you do not show up for an appointment, or you arrive late for an appointment, or you do not provide adequate notice when requesting to cancel or reschedule an appointment, you are in violation of this policy and agree to pay our penalty. If you schedule an appointment for someone else, and they violate this policy, you are also in violation of this policy, and agree to pay our penalty.

You must be present in the salon and arrive on time for your appointment. Not coming in at all or arriving more than 10 minutes late for an appointment is a violation of this policy. Late arrivals are just as disruptive to our business because every other appointment after yours would be negatively affected.

Should you need to cancel or change the date or time of your appointment, I require adequate notice. Adequate notice is a minimum of 48 hours for standard services and 96 hours for specialty services (e.g., Keratin Treatment, DevaCurl, Straightening, Weddings, Special Requests, Advanced Services, etc).

By making an appointment with us, you agree to this policy. If you violate this policy, you agree to pay a penalty equivalent to the FULL COST of the services that were scheduled. You agree to allow me to use your credit card that is on file to pay this penalty, or will pay me in person if I cannot process the credit card transaction. You understand that I will flag your account and refuse all future services until your account is in good standing.

Please understand that I'm a specialist and professional running a small local business. Last minute changes, unexpected no-shows, and late arrivals, affect my ability to earn a living. Imagine if your employer told you that you weren’t getting paid for a few hours every day (and they keep doing this every day for different reasons). Without this policy, that’s what happens to me. Since I'm in high demand, I can easily fill openings when given proper notice. Otherwise, it results in a loss of income for me.