Considering a hair transformation? Hair highlights might be the perfect way to achieve a fresh, vibrant look! But before you jump in, you might be wondering, what are highlights, exactly?

What are Hair Highlights?

Hair highlights are a hair coloring technique that creates a multi-dimensional effect by lightening specific sections of your hair. These lighter strands stand out from your base color, adding depth, texture, and a beautiful shine. Highlights can be subtle for a natural look, or bold and dramatic for a more striking statement.

What Types of Hair Highlights Are Best?

Lisa can help you figure out what highlights are best for your budget and preferences. There are a wide range of highlighting techniques she can use to achieve different effects. Here are the more popular options:

  • Classic Full Highlights: These use foils to isolate sections of hair for a more precise and controlled placement. The level of lightening can vary depending on your desired look.
  • Partial Highlights: For a more targeted approach, partial highlights focus on lightening specific areas of your hair, like around the face or throughout the top sections. This technique adds dimension and brightness without completely changing your overall hair color.
  • Babylights: These are ultra-fine highlights that mimic the natural dimension of sun-kissed hair. They create a subtle, low-maintenance result that's perfect for those who want a touch of brightness without a drastic change.
  • Balayage (bah-lay-ahge):This hair highlighting technique involves using clay lighteners that are hand-painted onto hair's surface, creating a soft, blended effect that mimics sun-kissed strands. Unlike traditional highlights with foils, balayage avoids harsh lines for a more natural look.

Benefits of Getting Hair Highlights:

Highlights can be used to add dimension, disguise trouble areas, or progressively transition to blond without compromising hair integrity. More generally, the most common benefits are:

  • Boosts Dimension and Shine: Highlights add depth and richness to your hair, making it appear fuller and healthier.
  • Neutralizes Brassiness: Especially helpful for brunettes, highlights can help counteract unwanted brassy tones.
  • Frames Your Face: Strategically placed highlights around the face can brighten your complexion and enhance your features.
  • Lower Maintenance Options: Some highlighting techniques, like balayage and babylights, require less frequent touch-ups compared to full head coloring.

Finding the Perfect Highlights for You

With a variety of hair highlighting options available, there's a perfect look for everyone! Whether you have blonde, brunette, or even red hair, there are many highlighting techniques that can flatter your hair color, skin tone, and desired level of contrast.

Call, email, or book online to discuss your hair goals with Lisa. She will help you determine what's right for you to add some dazzling dimension to your hair.