Lisa specializes in blond hair and uses various techniques to achieve a custom look that clients love. This post reviews some of the techniques and which ones are best to achieve professional results.

What Are Blonding Techniques?

Blonding techniques are chemical services that lighten hair by removing pigment and making the hair appear blond. This can also be referred to as "bleaching" hair but modern practices are much safer. However, the process can still damage hair and make it brittle, so it should only be performed by a stylist with enough experience to know how much they can "push the envelope" before compromising hair integrity.

The hair lightening techniques in most demand are: Highlights, Babylights, Balayage, Ombre, Dimensional Highlights, Platinum Blonde, and Grey Blends. Lisa regularly performs all of these services with consistently amazing results.

Which Blonding Technique is Best?

The skills of the hair stylist is more important than the specific technique they use. While social media trends periodically spike, a skilled stylist can achieve many different custom looks using a combination of techniques. Lisa stays educated on the latest blonding techniques and uses whichever techniques are needed for each unique situation.

That said, some techniques are better than others for specific situations. For example, clay based lighteners allow more precise application and it can be applied almost like hand painting. This is why Balayage costs more. However, other application techniques, foil techniques, and blending techniques can be used to achieve a wide range of affects.

Ultimately, the technique doesn't matter as much as having a stylist with the right artistic vision, experience with a wide variety of hair types, and the skills to be able to execute them correctly.

Can All Hair Stylists Lighten Hair?

While all hair stylists are capable of creating blond hair by lightening, not many are expert enough or artistic enough to produce amazing looking results. This is similar to the fact that anyone can paint a picture with paint, but not many will be able to create a beautiful work of art.

Lisa is a true hair artist and also a skilled hair colorist. She first takes time create an artistic game plan with her clients, and then she uses whatever techniques are appropriate to achieve a custom blond hair look.

Take a look through Lisa's intagram account (hairbylisacardillo) to see some examples of her work and then get in touch for an appointment or consultation and let her show you the difference a skilled professional colorist can make.